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Phil and Jen Wood planted Redemption Church in Costa Mesa on October 2, 2011. At the heart of the church, there has always been a dream to not simply host a gathering on Sundays, but rather to see people’s lives as well as entire communities transformed by the power of the living God who is among us.

We believe that the good news of Jesus (called the gospel in the Scripture) is the declaration that through the death and resurrection of Jesus, God is making a new kind of world. We believe God has invited us to experience the transforming power of His self-giving love for us so that we can join him in living out that self-giving love for the healing of this world around us. What that means is that church is not simply a gathering, a philosophy, a club, a building, or a belief system – the church is a community of people who have experienced this good news of Jesus and who are committed to living out and embodying that way of Jesus in our everyday lives. The church is a people. We are the church.

We recognize that we don’t have it all together, that we aren’t perfect, and that our spirituality is a never-ending journey.  Therefore, as a community, our desire is the imperfect pursuit of embodying the way of Jesus together.   To truly understand what we believe as a community, we invite you to live among us for awhile, as our beliefs can’t be separated from our day-to-day practice.


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    Pastor of Formation


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    Spiritual Formations Coordinator / Operations Coordinator


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    Gathering Coordinator



We exist to create redemptive communities that embody resurrection life for the healing of the world. 

We are being transformed into a people who transform the world.


As a Redemptive Community, we are:


A People with a Theological Imagination.

This means we are learning to see ourselves, each other, our city and the world through the lens of scripture and God’s kingdom; To live into God’s great future that is made available to us now. You have to be able to see and imagine the alternate reality that God offers us before you can live into it. 


A People of Self-giving Love. 

This means we are contemplative activists pouring ourselves out for the healing of the world in everyday acts of hospitality, invitation, and restorative justice. There’s a seat at the table for everyone and no one sits alone. 


A People of Commitment. 

This means, as a family, we are committed to Jesus, his Kingdom, and each other.  We don’t consume and critique; we contribute and create side by side. Because the church is a people and together we are the church.  We put the church back in the hands of the people and deeply value raising up, empowering, and releasing leaders both in the church as well as the world.


A People Becoming Like Jesus.

This means we are committed to the imperfect pursuit of a particular kind of life. We are committed to be with Jesus so that we can embody his resurrection life, together.  We are a people of discipleship and we are all in process and that’s ok. 


A People of the Spirit.

This means we are a prophetic community living into the already but not yet fully present kingdom of God.  We are filled and led by the empowering presence of God. The Spirit always breathes new life and because of this, new life is always possible and available.   We depend upon the gifting and empowering Spirit of God to stay united to Christ, transformed by Christ, and sent out to make new creation now.


A People of Radical Abundance 

This means we are generous with our whole lives because we serve a God who is always giving more and more of himself. We celebrate because even when you think it’s all run out, resurrection shows us there’s still more. Scarcity is a myth we refuse; there’s always enough to go around.