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Connecting to Community through Serving

Joining a new church can be a little scary and intimidating. But when you take ownership of the experience,  great things can happen. For our new coffee team leader, Josh Morrison, his path to connecting to our community started with serving.

Q: When did you start coming to Redemption and why?

A: I moved around a lot over the last few years. I lived in New York and LA before I came back to the area. I was attending another church when I moved back and I had a hard time getting connected. For about three years I was leading a Younglife program in Corona Del Mar and a lot of my leaders there were going to Redemption. They told me to check it out. I went to my first service at Redemption in September, then I just kept coming back again and again. I didn’t know a lot of people who went to Redemption other than the people who had invited me, but I just kept showing up and eventually got more involved.

Q: What motivated/pushed you to get involved at Redemption?

A: Christine gave me a call one day after I filled out one of the connect cards. Christine was very kind and spent some time getting to know me and asked me how I wanted to get involved at Redemption. Christine told me the coffee team needed some help so I got involved in that. During a launch I decided to join a community group and recently I decided to begin hosting a community group at my house. Then I was asked a few weeks ago if I wanted to take on the responsibility of leading the coffee team. I was really motivated by the people here and I really wanted to get involved in certain groups and contribute to the work that God is doing here. It has been extremely encouraging coming here.

Q: What do you get out of serving on the coffee team?

A: It is a good common “ground” and its a cool platform for people to get connected on a bigger level. It is an amazing opportunity to build friendships and meet a need. I also really love coffee so the coffee ministry made sense for me and gave me an opportunity to serve in a way that I really enjoy.

Q: When did you start serving?

A: I think I started around late-November and have been doing it ever since. So it was about a month after I came to the church. I think it has been a really helpful way to meet other people. Being on a serve team gives you some purpose to begin talking to people and building those relationships.

Q: What would you say to a new person looking to get more involved here at Redemption?

A: The best way to get connected is to meet the needs around you. Jump into a serve team. As you serve others you are going to be helping yourself get connected. You also experience what Christ wants from us in community by serving each other. It seems a bit counterintuitive to help others even though you need help but as you serve you will also get the help you need. Love others and love God.

Story and Photo by Christopher Baeza