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Crisis Care


Chaplains are spiritual caregivers who reach out to anyone in need.  They have traditionally provided care and support to people going through a hard time.  The role of chaplain keeps people connected to their faith and helps make connections to communities of faith for those who don’t have one. 

At this unprecedented time in our global history, we see neighborhood chaplains as key leaders who mobilize us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Redemption’s neighborhood chaplains are facilitating systems of care and support in neighborhoods throughout Orange County.  They help keep us connected and can connect anyone in need to available resources. 

If you would like to participate in loving your neighbor, please reach out to your Neighborhood Chaplain.  If you have a need or know someone who does, please communicate that with them.

*neighborhoods are being added as we have willing leaders.  If you don’t see your neighborhood listed and would like to help, please contact [email protected]


Each week we are featuring two small businesses in our community to rally around and support. Even in hard times, we lean into generosity. We can’t do everything, but collectively we can make an impact. Consider how you can support a sister and brother this week.

This week we are love mobbing Kiana Maxson! After three years as our worship leader, Kiana has decided to step off staff to pursue her music career.

Thank you for leading so well, Kiana.Thank you for pouring yourself out for our community. Thank you for serving and loving our community so well. You have been such a gift to us. We are so grateful for the impact you’ve had on Redemption as a member of our staff.

Let’s celebrate Kiana this week by sending messages of affirmation and encouragement through an email or video to [email protected]. Let Kiana know how grateful we are for the impact she’s had in our lives and how she’s led us over these past three years.

If you didn’t know already, Kiana and her sister are in a band called, Kalina & Kiana. Let’s encourage them by supporting them on whatever music platform you use.