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Where and when do you meet?
We gather to worship together on Sunday mornings at 8:45 + 10:30 AM at the Costa Mesa Senior Center (695 W 19th St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626). We also meet throughout the week in Community Groups.

Can I bring my kids?
Of course! We believe worship should be experienced as a family, and our kids are an essential part of our Sunday gatherings. Find more information about Redemption Kids here.


Kids Ministry?
Email our Kids’ Ministry Director, Erica Nargizian, at [email protected]

Receiving prayer?
We have an amazing team of people who love you and pray for you daily! Fill out the prayer request form below or email [email protected] to connect with someone from our prayer team.

Launch & Community Groups?
For more information email [email protected].

Click here to learn more about our teams!

Getting Baptized?
Click here for details on our next round of baptisms.

Dedicating my child?
Click here for details on child dedication.

Questions about Jesus?

General questions or anything else email [email protected]