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February 28 // An Invitiation

February 28 // An Invitiation

How was your week of preparation?  Did you make time to prepare your heart for Lent? Did you set up space in your home and calendar to encounter Jesus in these few weeks leading up to Easter?

The word Lent comes from the Latin word for “lengthen”. These 40 days are a lengthened season of intentionally making space to encounter God. We do this by laying down some things to make space for prayer and encounter with Christ. Really Lent is an invitation.  It is an invitation to deepen our relationship with Christ.  In this season we reflect on Christ’s love and pursuit of us.  He invited us into forgiveness, hope, and relationship with the Father. And he invites again now to encounter his love and to follow him.

As we receive this invitation of love, we are filled to overflowing with love for others.  As we say ‘yes’ to following Jesus, he leads us to those who need to see His love on display through our lives.  

As you step into the invitation of Jesus’ love and life this week, what three people come to mind who need to experience the love of Jesus?  Pray for them.  Lift them to God’s great love and mercy and ask the Lord how you can display his love to them this week.  Then do it! :))

Prayer Practice: Lectio-Divina

Begin in silence, turning all your thoughts and desires over to God.

Read Psalm 103 slowly and carefully at least twice. Notice any word, phrase or image that seems to have energy for you. It could be a word that invites you, a phrase that puzzles you or an image that intrigues you.

Sit in silence with your word or phrase or image. Ruminate on the word gently, allowing it to sink into your heart deeply. Consider how it connects with your life today. Ponder how it calls you to confession, gratitude, or a new way of living. This may even include a struggling with the text as the word becomes incarnate within you.

Fall deeply into prayer. Be honest with God about your feelings. If you want, write your word in your journal. Draw your image. Express how God is present with you now.

Rest silently in the presence of God. Move beyond words, phrases or images. Enjoy the freedom that comes in His presence.

Art for Further Contemplation:

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