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Finding Gods Calling in High School Ministry

Nick Corbett was fifteen when he discovered his calling — To show others the love of Christ through service. A decade later, this calling led him to westside Costa Mesa. Read how God’s plan for Nick brought him to High School Ministry.

Q: So how did you get involved with Redemption?

A:  I have been coming to Redemption since the beginning of January. This last year I had been praying about going to a new church and Redemption was first on my list of churches to check out. After the first week, I didn’t attend any other churches. I knew this was the one I wanted to be at.

Q: What drew you to Redemption?

A: Redemptions heart for westside Costa Mesa started to mesh with my heart there, specifically with them hosting the learning center.

Q: What is your heart for westside Costa Mesa and why high schoolers?

A: When I was 15, I went on a missions trip to Honduras. It put a desire in my heart to be a missionary in a Latin American community. From 15 to 25, I was on this journey of giving up and surrendering things to God before He actually sent me where he wanted me. About four years ago, a guy named Sergio and I started the process of moving into westside Costa Mesa and Christine helped a lot with that. So that is how I got into this community and how I have been immersed in the ministry going on here.

Q: So who is this high school ministry for?

A: There are 6 of us leaders and around 20 kids. We got offers from a lot of churches to use their space but as we prayed about it, we realized that if Redemption was taking over the offices, we should just partner with them and keep this as part of our space. So yes, it is a Redemption group and we want people from Redemption to be a part of this as well. We want more people to help out and be a part of these kids lives.

Q: What are your hopes for this ministry?

A: I want to see kids in this group come to true relationships with Jesus and begin living that out. I would love to see those kids take ownership and begin to mentor the younger kids as well. I want them to have ownership over this. To create a group where they can feel welcome. The leaders can only do so much, but when the kids take ownership, it can make a huge impact. I believe that these kids can truly be part of the change that Jesus is doing at their schools and in their homes.

Q: Why are you passionate about high schoolers?

A: For me, high school was such a tricky time. All the pressure, temptations and anxieties are hard to fight and I wish I had more help with that when I was their age. That’s why we want to create a space where the kids can be real and be loved by people who want to see them grow and thrive. These kids hunger for real and vulnerable relationships, even if we think we have nothing to say, they really want to be invested in by an older generation. The kids are really stoked to have this space. It was cool seeing them get excited about it all this last week when we met up again.

Q: Any other thoughts?

A: Our ultimate goal is to create a space where kids are fully known and fully loved. This is our goal in everything we do here. We want other people to step up and be a part of this as well. Five years ago, if you asked me I would be leading a high school group in westside Costa Mesa I would have laughed. It is interesting how God breaks down those walls and now I can’t imagine not investing in these kids. Don’t disqualify yourself from being a part of this ministry, God can use anyone to be a part of these kids lives.

If you are interested in helping Nick with the high schoolers here are some ways to serve. Food! If a community group would want to “sponsor” a meal one night for about 25 people (kids + leaders). Or individual volunteers/community groups that would like to volunteer on a regular or one-time basis. Our regular meetings are Wednesday nights 6:30-8:30. Contact Nick at [email protected] for more details.

Story by Chris Baeza