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Kevin Sweeney’s Letter to Redemption

On Sunday, Kevin Sweeney did a message on the third way of Jesus. At the end, he read a letter that he wrote to our community. Here it is!

To my courageous brothers and sisters of Redemption,

We need people who take the life of Jesus seriously in our world, and you are those people. We need people who don’t just worship the journey of Jesus from a distance, but actually walk the journey of Jesus, and you are those people. We need people who refuse to accept the way things are, and have the courage to dream of and work for the way things can be…and you are those people. We need people who live like this, which means your city and your community needs you.

Every time you choose to stick around for others, Galatians 3:28 becomes more and more real. Every time you wrestle deeply with the Scripture, argue with God—and each other—and choose to be completely honest no matter where you are, Paul’s vision for oneness becomes more and more of a reality in our world. Every time you have the hard conversations, talk about the topics so many churches don’t have the courage to talk about, and keep returning to each other again, and again, and again, the unity that Paul dreamt of gets stronger.

So I just wanted to say thank you…thank you for refusing to just go with the way things are. Thank you for choosing depth when its so easy to stay in the shallow end, authenticity when its so easy to keep pretending, and for choosing courage when its so much easier to be comfortable.

Jen and Phil always say this to us, but I say it to you: you are the real deal, you are a church that gives me so much hope for the future, and you are a community that helps me remain a Christian each day. 

The best translation of the word of God is not in Greek and Hebrew, it is in flesh and blood, so thank you for translating the word in this world the beautiful way that you do.