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Meet our Safe Family Lead, Kellyn Welch!

Kellyn and her husband have been going to Redemption for just over 3 years.  They love that the Redemption community is committed to digging deeper into what it really looks like to participate in the Kingdom and what that means and looks like in their lives. Kellyn volunteers on the worship team and is also our lead for the Safe Families Team!

This week, we wanted to ask Kellyn about her experience with The Safe Families Program!

What is Safe Families?

Safe Families for Children (SFFC)  is a ministry to at-risk families. It provides parents in need to support a safe place to leave their children for a short term stay. 

What initially called you to serve in the program? 

I got involved with SFFC through a college internship that turned into an 8-year job! So, getting involved at Redemption was an easy yes since SFFC has become so important to me. I’ve always loved that SFFC is a tangible way for the Church to be the Church and for families in isolation to be drawn into the community. Even more than that, I think what has always kept me passionate about this ministry ultimately is that is really is changing the Church and really challenging people to grow in what it looks like to really open your life to others and be the hands and feet of Jesus.

What is most rewarding or impactful about this program?

Gosh, that’s hard to say just one. Compassion, grace, and understanding for what other people are going through and the perspective that comes with that. A deeper understanding of who God is and his heart for others, but also his heart for us. Lastly, just a picture and experience of grace that changes you and how you view others.

Why would you encourage others to get involved? 

I would encourage people to get involved because it’s an opportunity to experience spiritual formation through serving. Yes, you get to come alongside families in crisis and offer them the support they don’t have elsewhere (which is awesome), but more than that, it will change you. Plus, there are ways for everyone and anyone to get involved!!

If you’re interested in being a part of Safe Families, please come to the info lunch next week. March 15th / 12:30pm @ Redemption HQ
Please RSVP on our Events Page!